Well Camera Service

We are excited to announce that we are now offering complete water well camera service. We have recently acquired a Laval Underground R-Cam 1000 XLT Color Video Water Well Inspection System for 2019.

The system is equipped with two cameras with wide angle lens for viewing downhole and side images in water wells. It includes a 9” color video monitor combined with a DVR so that we can easily view and record the well survey for our customers. Now we have the capability to survey a well up to 1000’ deep!

With the well survey equipment, we can now effectively send the camera down the well to determine what may be causing a problem with your water. If you are experiencing dirty water, low water production from the well, changes in water quality, bacterial growth in the well or other common well water issues, the R-Cam 1000 XLT can now help us to pinpoint the problem and come up with a definitive plan to deal with the issue.

We will no longer need to guess what is wrong with a well, but instead find visual evidence of the problem and begin to solve it!


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