Water Well Cleaning and Rehabilitation

Have you been changing your water filters more often than you used to? Have you been noticing iron staining on clothes or in your toilets and sinks? Have you been running out of water? If so, your well is a candidate for water well rehabilitation. We can schedule you today for well cleaning. Our well cleaning truck is specifically tailored for water well rehabilitation. With a rotating crane to reach well in difficult locations, 400 gallons of chlorinated water for flushing, and specialized cleaning tools that fully cleanse the borehole of iron and sediment. The well cleaning process also helps open fractures in the bedrock that supply you well with water. Well rehabilitation is typically performed every 7-10 years to ensure a lasting water supply from your well for many years to come. Contact us for an appointment.

Water well cleaning and rehabilitation


Chemical Well Cleaning
Well cleaning usually involves specific machinery, but we have a solution for each specific case. There are wells that need a mechanical cleaning, a chemical cleaning, or both.

For wells that have high iron content or that aren’t accessible with our machine, we offer an alternative option: Bore Saver Ultra C, an iron reducing bacteria treatment for wells and basements.

“Bore Saver Ultra C removes the iron oxide deposits that build up in bores, wells, pipes, and pumps. It is specifically designed to improve the quality of the water supply, increase the output of the water well, and extend the working life of the pumping equipment.
BoreSaver Ultra C is NSF approved for potable water supplies and is safe, easy to use, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.”


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