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Does Your Well Water Smell Funny, Like Rotten Eggs or Sulfur?

Is Your Well Water Rust Colored, Look Dirty, Or Contain Sediment & Debris?

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Ayers Well Drilling is a full-service water treatment company. In addition to providing our clients with whole house well water filtration & purification solutions, Ayers Well Drilling has the expertise to diagnose & remedy any current issue you might be experiencing with your well or your well water. We have an emergency response team that is available to respond to issues like water wells running dry, broken well pumps that need to be replaced or when your water turns black or contains a lot of sediment; our team is here for you.

We specialize in:

  • Water Softeners
  • Iron Removal Systems
  • PH Regulation
  • Disinfection: Chemical Feeders and Ultraviolet Lights
  • Taste & Odor Elimination
  • Automatic Filters
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis

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Many of our clients who have inherited older well water systems from buying a home or commercial property have run across a number of issues with their water that can be corrected simply by updating the equipment like a new or replacement well pump or filtration system. Other clients have experienced issues with their wells having fallen into disrepair, our team has over 60 years experience in cleaning, repairing and in some extreme cases; relocating a well on a property & collapsing the old one.

Whether you are looking for equipment to serve small residential needs or large commercial applications, Ayers Well Drilling has the experience and products to fit your specific water quality needs. In addition to offering the latest in well water technologies, we also provide service & routine maintenance on every product we sell or install. Below is a list of the standard water treatment products we carry, but we specialize in handling problem water situations. Please contact us so that we can give you a personalized water treatment solution. Ayers Well Drilling is an authorized dealer of WaterPro Conditioners & Filters as well as CSI Water Treatment.

Featured Whole Home Water Filtration System


– Timer control causes the backwash cycles to occur at prescribed intervals. Backwash can be during the time that owners are sleeping.

– Pressure vessel has molded liner that is filament wound with a fiberglass/epoxy resin laminate for reinforcement.
– Does not require an air injector.
– No restriction on well pump.
– No added tank with air release.
– No regeneration chemicals.


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How it Works: Patented air injection & piston on the Control Valve adds air to the filter media tank during the draw cycle. The water then passes through trapped air in tank which oxidizes iron and sulfur (all in one tank). During regeneration, oxidized minerals are backwashed out, filter tank is replenished with oxygen from the atmosphere and the unit shifts back into service.



Additional Water Treatment Products


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